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Hel’s Labyrinth #0

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Phoebe learns a valuable lesson in class, and gets an invitation to the circus that night.

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Hel’s Labyrinth #1


Hel’s Labyrinth #1 begins the journey of a girl named Phoebe who is attending the circus when over the intercoms she hears that seven lucky winners have received a silver ticket and get to attend an exclusive event in one of the tents. Phoebe doesn’t have a ticket, but a boy next to her does and gives it to her, not wanting to bother with going all the way across the circus.

This is where her adventure begins.

Meanwhile, Hel, the ruler of the underworld and daughter of Loki and an ice giant, is preparing to bring Ragnarok to the land, and destroy the universe as we know it. She orders Baldr, once the god of light and purity but now corrupted by a trick and her slave, to call upon the seven sacrifices so that they may face the labyrinth and die in order for Ragnarok to begin.

Will Hel succeed? Or will Phoebe be able to stop the end of time as we know it?

Hel’s Labyrinth #2


Hel’s Labyrinth #2 is coming soon!