We are two crazy minds who have come together to make a comic! Ari (Ant) is the artist and Dani (Tick) is the writer. We both went to high school together, went our own paths, then came back to create something new and original. We are based out of the Northwest in the United States and try to attend as many conventions as we can as vendors. Check out our Events page to see the conventions we will be attending and if you see one missing that you think we should check out, please send us an email!

On this website you will find our blog, keeping our readers updated on our comic, the comic itself for sale, along with art and Dani’s other writing projects. We will keep this shop as updated as possible!

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The Comic

This is our first comic! Hel is trying to gain the power to bring Ragnarok, but will our heroes be able to stop her? Follow us as we take you to a world that is unlike our own, a place where there is no return, and you have to fight to survive!

Hel’s Labyrinth follows a girl, Phoebe, who is attending the circus when over the intercoms she hears that seven lucky winners have received a silver ticket and get to attend an exclusive event in one of the tents. Phoebe doesn’t have a ticket, but someone next to her does and gives it to her, not wanting to bother with going all the way across the circus.

Meanwhile, Hel, the ruler of the underworld, is preparing to bring Ragnarok to the land, and destroy the universe as we know it. She orders Baldr, once the god of light and purity but now corrupted by a trick and her slave, to call upon the seven sacrifices so that they may face the labyrinth and die in order for Ragnarok to begin.

Will Hel succeed? Or will Phoebe be able to stop the end of time as we know it?


The Team

Ari Raska

Hey, I’m an Illustrative Designer based in Salem, Oregon. My creativity doesn’t end with logos and websites, I also illustrate, tinker with fabricating, and am an avid YouTube tutorial stalker. I graduated in the spring of 2013 with two Associates of Arts; in Graphic Design and in Interactive Media. If you need any design work or illustration, check out my Facebook here.



Dani Hoots

I’m an author, blogger, photographer, artist, herbalist, jack of all trades, master of fun. I enjoy writing science fiction, urban fantasy, horror, and young adult stories, but I like to expand into other genres. Currently I am working on a novella series called A World of Vampires, a novella series called My Broken Heart, and a novel series called The Sanshli Series. I am also working on three full-length manuscripts, a science fiction novel called Raum (that I am currently working on in the A Novel Year program at Arizona State University), a new adult paranormal fantasy called The Chained, and a young adult urban fantasy called Trapped in Wonderland. I currently live in Seattle with my husband and two cats. If you want to learn more about my novels, check out my website here.